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  1. You share, We Listen & Challenge Stigma

    You share, We Listen

    This is our flagship campaign where we encourage, recovered mental health issue sufferers to speak up. Research shows that the best way to challenge the stereotypes about Mental health issues, is through first hand contact with people with experience of mental health problems. It is to this end that we provide a platform for such interactions and encourage current or former sufferers to talk openly about their experiences and challenge the stigma head on.
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  2. you-are-not-alone-v-listen


    Mental health issue (MHI) sufferers often feel alone and isolated, and society more often than not exasperates this sense of loneliness by isolating the sufferers further and discriminating against them. V-Listen's "you are not alone" campaign is dedicated to tackling this issue. In essence we intend to run a photo and video campaigns across India and abroad, with people from every race, gender and creed expressing the message that they are with the MHI sufferers. Telling sufferers that they are not alone in their struggles.
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