V-Listen Credits and Points Explained

V-Credits System

V-Points, V-Credits and associated ranking system is not just a way by which we at V-Listen acknowledge your invaluable contribution to it.

V-Credits is a quasi currency that can be used to

  • Book tickets for v-listen events,
  • Join volunteer welfare programs
  • Buy v-listen merchandise such as T-shirts, posters etc. (coming soon)
  • Avail discounts and special offers from select V-Listen partner vendors during offer periods.
  • And more…

Earning V-Credits
  • (Credit value assignments that are different from V-Point values assignment rules are listed here)
  • 250 V-Credits are granted at the time of registration so as to allow new users to be able to attend some V-Listen events, so that they can familiarise themselves with the organisation.
Otherwise V-Credits are granted at the same rates as V-Points.

To know exactly how points and credits can be earned Click here

V-Listen Points and Ranking System

Ranks are assigned as per the number of points you have earned. Each has specific permissions and privileges associated with it. The list of Ranks and associated privileges is given below.

  • Beginner: 0-30 points

    Privileges: Basic, Submit blogs (published only after review), comment on posts, participate in forum discussions etc.

  • Learner: 30-200 points

    Privileges: Basic, Submit blogs (published only after review), comment on posts, participate in forum discussions etc.

  • Mediator: 200-1000 points

    Additional Privileges: Create new topics

  • Cause fighter: 1000-10000 points

    Additional Privileges: Directly submit blogs to select categories without moderator review

  • Cause Contributor: 10000 – 40000 points

    Additional Privileges: Ability to publish blogs directly without review, Ability to review and approve/delete other user’s comments, posts, topics and blogs.

  • Cause Champion: 40,000 – 80,000 points

    Additional Privileges: In addition to all previous privileges, V-Listen staff will stay in touch with you and personally apprise you of upcoming events, functions etc. and you will have first preference in ticket bookings, possible purchases, volunteering opportunities etc. Cause Champions will also have the ability to create online User Groups.

  • Cause Veteran: 80,000 points and above

    Additional Privileges: Full unfettered access to the V-Listen platform online and offline. Ability to weigh in on V-Listen’s future plans, and access to the same. Full list of associated privileges will be communicated in person to the qualifying individual as and when they qualify.

Special Ranks: V-Listen staff, Members of Local committees, Regional and Central committees of V-Listen initiative. Designations are used instead of ranks.

* Each rank will have all the privileges of the previous ranks

** Any individual can contact us to schedule events, or set up a campaigns, set up official support groups, carer groups the process is independent of the ranking system.

*** To be directly assigned higher ranks/privileges, please contact us at volunteercoordinator@vlisten.org and become certified volunteer. For a list of available volunteer positions check Volunteering page in the Get Involved section.

**** Any individual found to be trying subvert the system or abusing their privileges will be blocked and in case of serious violations legal actions will be initiated against the individual.